My first day of Travel to Leon, Nicaragua

So yesterday we spent a long time in vehicles and on air planes to get to Leon, Nicaragua where our apartment is.

4am: Alarm goes off, Kristi and I run around, make sure we have everything.  Everything is labeled as far as the donations go and we’re ready for a long day.

5am: Dad picks us up, we load everything quickly and we are on our way to Sea-Tac.  I can’t help but think of how naked I feel not carrying a phone, keys or wallet.

5:17am: We get to the boarder. Fully prepared with paperwork and ready to explain what is in the boxes, the boarder guard looks at Dad’s nexus and waves us through without any questions.

7am: We are already at Sea-Tac Airport but we don’t need to be there until 10am so we hit up a Denny’s for some crappy breakfast.

8am: Into the airport we go breeze through security… except Kristi packed a swiss army knife in my bag.  The TSA Agent was supprisingly relaxed, took it out and we continued on our way. I guess I’ll have to buy a new one if I want to hunt cats in the allies.

9:45am:  We engage in conversation with a few different people. I was talking to some old lady from Boton Rouge about her trip to Vancouver in the 70s and Kristi was stuck in a conversation with a chatty Kathy that reminded me a lot of Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty… She put us in her prayers

10:30am: We are finally on our flight to Houston. It was delayed by about 40mins and we only had a 75min layover. The flight attendants asked everyone that if they didn’t have a tight connector to remain seated so people like Kristi and I could get off the plane and run for our connector.

7:00pm: We get to the terminal on the other side of the airport just as our plane is ready to board. We quickly grab some chinese food and inhale it before we’re called to board

7:30pm: An old lady is sitting in the middle… that’s my seat. She then points at the window… that’s also my seat…. screw it, she’s old and doesn’t speak english, I sit on the aisle.

7:45pm:  We’re late taking off, the flight attendants are rude and 80% of our plane doesn’t speak english.  50% of our plane appears to be family.  I can only assume they’re being deported from the land of freedom.

11:05pm: We finally touch down in Managua. The old lady beside us tells us Managua is dangerous. Kristi responds “My boyfriend is dangerous”.  I mean mug the old lady.

Okay so maybe that’s not what happened but we were warned about Managua being dangerous.

11:35pm: Through customs and with our luggage we can hear loud music outside the airport… It’s a welcome committee for us! This is pretty awesome

11:36pm: Beer is given to me, music is blasting, some kid asks me for a dollar.  I’m told not to give them money because they use it to buy glue.

11:40pm: The cops show up, tell us we can’t have the music blasting and aren’t allowed to be drinking.  Apparently they had been there an hour without problem, I assume it was all cool till they saw my pale ass show up to the party

11:45pm: We are drinking in the back of Victor’s truck and on our way to Leon.  Kristi told me the drive was a little longer than an hour…

12:30am: We are out of beer

2:00am: We arrive at Quetzaltrekkers.

2:15am: Sam wakes everyone up so they can see everything we brought.

The look on all the volunteers faces when they saw everything was awesome.  They were so excited, it was like Christmas came a few weeks early.  Everyone sat up with us as we had a few drinks and talked. We also brought a couple halloween costumes in the mix of stuff… before we knew it, one of the girls had the suit on and wore it right up until she went to bed.  Again, thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.  We brought way more gear than we anticipated because everyone was so generous towards the cause.  We really do have the greatest friends and families in the world.

3:30am: We decide it’s time to go to our apartment.

3:40am: We find it but can’t get the door open.  Carlos, the guy who rented it to us, lives a couple blocks away.  We start walking but there’s a kitty following us.

3:50am: We are making noise outside of Carlos’ house, he finally wakes up and walks us back to show us the trick to opening the lock.  On the way he asks us where the cat came from? Apparently it doesn’t leave the house. His name is Phil and he’s pretty cute

4:30am: Finally into our new apartment, we are asleep within minutes.

21 hours from home 1 to our new home and totally awesome.  It’s noon here now, I took a shower, we don’t get hot water.  We don’t have windows that actually close and people walk outside the apartment yelling that they are selling random shit. It echoes through the house and it sounds like people are actually inside.  Also the handle on the toilet broke this morning.  This should be quite the experience and I have a feeling I’m going to love it. Now if I just knew how to speak spanish…

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