Our Evening with our landlord Carlos – December 12, 2012


Well, Tuesday, Dec 11 was pretty laid back most of the day. We went to the market in the morning, bought a bunch of random stuff, then headed back to our apartment for a late lunch and hung out playing crib until it was time for dinner.  We went over to Quetzaltrekkers where David was making chili.  It was 3 members despedida (going away party) so naturally there was a lot of rum and not a lot of mix.  We started with Aguardiente which translates to fire water.  It’s the cheapest rum you can buy in Leon. We brought a 1.75L for $3 (70 cords).  After dinner we hung out and drank more, and smoked a couple cigars.  Then everyone decided they wanted to go out.  We first went to Via Via for drinks. Everyone was already pretty drunk and Kristi wasn’t feeling that great so we headed home after that (about 1am).  I think they were off to CamaLeon the night club here.

The next day, Carlos was over to fix our sink which for some reason had clogged up.  He left frustrated, unable to fix it after a 2 hours but wanted to get together at 9pm at his place.  He lives about 3 blocks from our house, which is just over a 5 minute walk.  We go through his house and into his back yard which has a table, hammock and a huge beautiful garden.  Carlos cut up ice and had a big bottle of Plata Anejo Rum which is the cheaper version of Flor de Cana but very smooth and delicious.  He also picked out fresh limes from one of the trees.  His girlfriend, Manuela, joined us.  They are both students here, though she is from Germany.  She is fluent in German, English, Spanish but says Spanish has destroyed her French.   Carlos believe he has ADD because he was trying to learn English and German at the same time and it was too hard.  His english is limited but we didn’t have any issues over the course of the night.  They told us we are in a good neighborhood with friendly people who look out for each other.  Their neighborhood isn’t as great, with a bar next door and a bar across the street and a super market on the other side of them, they don’t really have any neighbors.  A couple months ago, they were broken into at 10am on a Sunday and they all happened to be home.  They managed to catch and hold down the guy who had all of their stuff and it sounds like he will get 5-7 years in jail.  We had a great night exchanging stories and drinking, Manuela was on a boat in Australia that sunk. Thankfully, nobody was hurt or drowned but She lost all of her belongings, passport, wallet, money, everything she needed.  Then they found out that the company was very sketchy and didn’t have insurance.  The Australian government gave them $300 to get to the Embassy and figure everything out. However, their story was huge in Australia in the media and hostels helped out by arranging free rooms and such to help them get back home.  Maybe a terrifying experience at the time but a really cool story now. Finally around midnight, we had to say goodnight as we had to get up early the next day for volcano boarding.

It was a great night out though with what seems like two really great people. We’re looking forward to spending more time with them before we take off to travel.

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