So we do have a Roommate – Dec 10, 2012


Nothing exciting really has happened in the past couple days since getting back from Granada.  Yesterday we took the bus to Quetzal Playa which is Quetzaltrekkers hostel right on the beach.  We grabbed lunch at Tsunami Taco bar owned by some hippie white guy which made for an awesome meal.  Then spent the day walking up and down the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Then we relaxed and played crib at the hostel before watching the sunset and heading back home around 7pm for dinner.  Also, I have decided that the Chicken bus sucks.

On our way down to the grocery store, there were lots of people on horses making the horses dance in the streets.  It was pretty neat but it seemed to be the same thing on every block.  There was also a big stage set up on one street and tons of options for street food and even beer carts in the street.  We walked about 10 blocks before grabbing a cab the rest of the way.  Grabbed a couple chicken breasts and walked back home.

When we arrived home, there was a backpack, clothes, old crappy CD player and a laptop all out.  Along with leftover food from a restaurant on the counter… Our roommate exists…  We haven’t seen her since we arived a week ago! Although, we still haven’t seen her at this point, we know she exists.

It looked like she was with someone and they had left in a hurry.

Kristi made an awesome dinner of chicken fried rice and we relaxed for a bit before going to bed, still no sign of the roommate.

This morning after our shower as Kristi was making breakfast, a guy came out of her room.  Introduced us as Mike and seemed like a nice guy.  He said they were out late last night and went back to bed… that was 4 hours ago.. he’s still sleeping

Our roommate Merideth, came through the door shortly after noon, and introduced herself.  We made a couple jokes about having not seen each other as apparently she’s been here and we’ve been playing tag.  She seems really nice and she’s heading home for the holidays in a couple days back to Minnesota.

That’s really all that’s new. Kristi is fighting back a cold.  Today is a lazy day, I’m laying in the hammock in the garage playing poker and Kristi is playing with our cat Phil.

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