Lazy Days

So the past couple days not much has happened.  Friday was very uneventful as I spent most of the day catching up on my blogs and when we went by Quetzaltrekkers, there just wasn’t anything going on.  So we went for dinner, came back to the apartment and watched a bunch of TV shows online before going to bed.

Yesterday we decided since we had just met Claudio Lovo that we would go and check out his Art Gallery that’s here right now, Lovo En Leon.  I looked up the place and we headed over for when it was supposed to re-open at 2pm (apparently they close from noon-2pm)

We got there right at 2pm, it wasn’t open yet.  So we went across the street for a drink.  45mins later it was still closed so we made peace with the fact that it wasn’t likely to open which seemed odd to me but I guess that’s normal for Leon on weekends.

Carlos called us and told us we have a new roommate.  We got back to the apartment around 4:30pm and left around 6pm because we wanted to catch The Hobbit at 6:30pm since 9:30pm would likely be too late for Kristi as she often falls asleep during movies.

146 cords for movie tickets and 111 cords for a slice of pizza, nachos and 2 drinks.  So 267 cords = About $11.10… and the movie theater is air conditioned which is a rare treat in Leon.  The movie quality wasn’t great but was good enough after they fixed the sound 15mins in.  I’m by no means a movie critic and pretty easily entertained so I thought the movie was great.

On our way back to the apartment, we stopped at a little Mexican place.  They had next to nothing left on the menu and I assume they were closing soon.  I had the Chicken Quesadilla and Kristi had chicken Tostadas.  It’s hard to rave about a quesadilla but mine was delicious! One thing I will say is you can really taste the freshness in the ingredients.  I don’t think I can say that about home.  Kristi loved her meal too so we will probably go back there another time.

We get home and about 20mins later we can here the sound of our door and some struggling.  We open up and show our new roommate how to get in since it is pretty tricky.  We sat down and started talking and this guy is incredibly interesting.  From Miami, joined the US Army when he was 18 to get away from his Aunt and hated it.  Pushed through his time and got the hell out.  Incredibly smart and knowledgable but doesn’t come off as a know-it-all which is quite a feat in itself for most people.  Next thing we knew, we had been talking for 3 hours.

It sucks that he’s only here for 3 days, I’m going to do my best to pick his brain as much as possible without annoying him for his time here.  He leaves for Brazil in a couple days as he landed a job teaching English to business men.  He told us he fell in love with Brazil when he traveled there and hyped it right up.  Kristi has been wanting to do Brazil and I could see her planning out her trip as he was talking haha.

Today I am relaxing and playing poker on FTP and if I’m unlucky early, Kristi and I are going to the Cock Fights.

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