My First Live Baseball Game – December 18, 2012


Okay so before I start this, I should let everyone know that I don’t like baseball.  I find it slow and boring but it’s the National sport here and I want to experience as much as I can.

Sam had mentioned he wanted to see a game and I was also curious about going so when we were having a late breakfast, our waiter asked a guy when the next game was.  He said it was that night at 6pm so we went back to Quetzaltrekkers and told Sam and a couple other people said they wanted to go.  Awesome! This will be way better in a group.

We meet at QT at 5:30pm and one of the guys who’s finished at 6pm asks us if we’ll wait. Sure, why not? It’s a long game anyways.  So just after 6pm, we pile 5 of us into a cab with Kristi sitting on my lap..  5-10 minutes later we arrive at the stadium. We look at our options to buy tickets. For 20 cords we can go to a general standing area.  For 40 cords we can have seats. For 100 cords you can sit in luxary.  Or you could really slum it and climb a tree outside the park.  We’re cheap but we like sitting so we pay the 40 cords.

We get seats in front of Leon’s bullpen and grabbed some beers.  We looked up and the score was 0-0 top of the 2nd.  The game itself seemed sloppy. Lots of basic mistakes made like dropping fly balls, throwing the ball 10-15 feet wide of target, etc.  However, we looked over and the guys our waiter was asking about the game were in full uniform, playing for Leon.  Well, one was playing, the other never saw the field or bat.

Leon hit the only home run of the game in the 2nd inning and while I was chatting in the 4th inning, Chinadenga managed to take the lead 4-2 (maybe someone hit a home run). During the 3rd inning, Sam got a phone call and had to leave. Surprisingly, he made it back in the 8th inning.  The game was back and forth and a pretty fun experience all round.  I bought 3 small bags of peanuts for 40 cents and one of the guys bought a slice of pizza for under a dollar.  Beers were a dollar and there were lots of people selling random stuff walking up and down the isles,  like Lollipops and cigarrettes.  One of the guys wanted to buy a hat but when he heard it was $20, he decided against it.  I wouldn’t have paid more than $7 for one and I think he was in the same boat.

At one point there was a kid about 8 years old buying single cigarrettes for his dad.  He was yelling over top of us “how many do you want?” The lady just handed them to him like it was nothing.  I don’t see that ever happening at home in Vancouver.  I found it quite funny, to be honest.

Finally in the 9th inning, Leon was down 6-8 but a good line drive and they managed to tie it up send the game into extra innings.  The atmosphere in the crowd was pretty awesome.  The 10th inning saw no runs and they were into the 11th. Leon got the 3rd out and were up to bat.  With two outs and one guy on 2nd, they walked the next runner putting runners on 1st and 2nd.  Then they ended up walking the 3rd runner and the bases were loaded.  With the batter up, the pitcher caved under pressure walking the last batter resulting in a 9-8 win for Leon.

We had a lot of fun but Sam really made the game entertaining for me.  He’s a funny Swiss guy who asked us to explain the rules of the game while we were there.  We broke down the basics and 10minutes later he said (in his french-swiss accent) “I once went to a cricket game and this is almost as boring as that… I need another beer”.

He is a very entertaining guy when you understand his sarcastic humor.  I personally love it when everyone is celebrating and he jumps up and acts more excited than everyone else before asking me what happened.

At one point, the Leon pitcher walked a guy 4 balls in a row, Sam says, “Why is this asshole playing. He threw 4 balls and none of them in the box! He is obviously shit!”

At the end of the game as we gathered outside, one of the guys was talking about how exciting the game was. Sam pipes up, “Oh yes, what an excellent strategy of Quatro Bolas to win the game in exciting fashion”

We jumped in a taxi and headed home as we had an early morning the next day.

Overall, I had a blast at the game. It`s a fun, laid back environment and I think I will go to a Mariners game this year when I get home to Vancouver.  For $2 I may even go to a second game out here.

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