Early Christmas Dinner

Just got home from a great dinner with Kristi.  The place is an upscale restaurant in Leon called Carnivoro which was recommeded to us by a guy who works at Quetzal Playa.

We went in ready to spend a good amount of money as we are hoping to spend our Christmas with Quetzaltrekkers on El Hoyo.  Right now we can’t go because a Volunteer didn’t show up and the asked us to cover his shifts.  We agreed not realizing that we picked up an office shift from 2pm-6pm on Dec 24.  So now we have to see if someone that isn’t going wants to cover our shift for us. Keep your fingers crossed.

Back to dinner.

We walk in to this beautiful restaurant and are seated in the dining area beside a fountain.  Kristi isn’t in the mood for wine so I order a Tona and she has a screwdriver.  My beer comes before Kristi’s drink, I imagine the bartender was pulling out the book and looking up how to make a screwdriver (it’s vodka and OJ to save you the trouble of Googleing it).  Our waiter offers to pour my beer into a glass.  Without touching the glass with his hands, he uses the bottle to tilt the glass and pours my beer.  Kristi and I giggle about how hard that actually must be and joke about knocking it over on a customer.  Kristi’s drink arrives a couple minutes later in a very nice looking Hi-Ball glass with Vodka, Orange Juice and Grenadine; Garnished with a lime wedge that has half of the lime cut out and the skin cut into a fancy tail with a marichino cherry on top.  Probably the nicest looking screwdriver I have ever seen in my life.  Way nicer than anything I’ve made in the 7 years I’ve been bartending haha.

The waiter takes our orders and we relax, enjoy the scenery and talk.  The waiter comes by again, this time placing a cloth napkin on the table, then cutlerythen placing a second on his arm and offers it to Kristi.  We often don’t see this kind of service at home even when we go to a nicer place to eat.  He does the same for me and we go back to our conversation.

When our food comes out and it looks amazing.  Kristi ordered a chicken pita roll that came out massive.  She regretted her decision for double meat when she saw how large it was. It was filled with chicken, onion, tomatoes, cabbage and hummas with a side of fries.  I ordered the chicken with guava sauce which came with rice in the shape of a pyramid, fried vegetables and thick cut wedge fries.  Our meals were amazing.  There was a hot sauce in the middle of our table that was green and it was hot.  I like spicy food and this made my face burn.  I don’t think it was Jalapeno unless it came from the spiciest jallies in the world! I mixed some in with my guava sauce which gave it a great mix of sweet and spicy.

When we finished eating we were way too stuffed for dessert.  I asked for the bill and you will never believe how much it cost.  Two entrees, two beers and two screwdrivers worked out to 494 cords which is Just over $20.  A meal like that in Vancouver with that kind of service would have easily cost us $100 and that’s probably low balling it.

We went for a walk and found what appeared to be a night market.  There were lots of stands set up in the street. We found a nice new soccer ball for Junior, a boy that comes by our house everyday just to say Hi to us.  We’re not sure he’s all there or where he lives or anything and our spanish isn’t strong enough to have a full conversation with him but he is very friendly and we enjoy seeing him come by the house once or twice a day.  We saw him walking with and old beat up soccer ball today and thought he could definitely use a new one.

We also found some really nice hand woven bracelets that felt and looked like they were very high quality.  The man told us he would be there tomorrow so we may go back and get some matching ones to remember our trip which to me is a much better idea than matching tattoos which is usually the first step towards your inevitable break up haha.

Anyways, great night out, amazing dinner, and we’re probably going to have to go there again before we leave.  If you find yourself in Leon, Nicaragua you have to spend a night at this restaurant.  Carnivoro, half a block north from the east corner of the University.

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