The last few days – December 26-29


It has been a pretty tame couple of days.  We are on our 3rd office shift in 4 days but it’s nice to just relax.  We have been getting to know everyone a lot better.  Even the guy I wanted to kick in the mouth on Matagalpa is coming together as a good guy with a good intentions.  I’ve realised that he’s young and really just wants to fit in with the group.  I learned one of the volunteers has his PhD in Mathematics and has taught University level classes… He’s only 24 years old! He skipped 2 grades in school and was in Grad school early.  He gave myself and the young guy a math lesson the other day that was pretty cool. I won’t bother explaining it since I’ll probably screw it all up.  It was all based around math theory which is hard for me to follow when I can’t relate it to something I care about.  Very intelligent and interesting guy though.

On the 26th we had morning shift in the office.  We got back to our apartment and by 5pm I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 6:30am. I guess not sleeping for 3 days caught up with me.

There’s a British girl here from Northern UK who is pretty quiet but after a few drinks, opened up and was a blast. It’s funny how we all speak English but can’t figure out what the other person is saying sometimes.

The other night, Kristi and I finished up office shift and were going for dinner.  We asked if anyone wanted to join us and actually had 3 people come along with us. At dinner we talked about having some drinks and playing drinking games.  I like where this is going.

Kristi and I headed back to the apartment to jump in the shower and rinse (We do this 2-3 times a day) to regenerate that fresh feeling.  Kristi skyped with her family and then we headed back to QT for some drinks.  When we arrived it was chaos.  There were about 10 people sitting around the table arguing over the music while one guy is trying to explain the rules of the game.  Then people during the game weren’t accurately following the rules and it was just one big disaster.   It’s interesting how if you hang out with each person individually or in a group of 4 or smaller, they seem to be great. But when you get everyone together, one of the girls described it best as “The Island of Misfit Toys.”  I still can’t help but laugh at that analogy because it’s spot on.

Everyone is an equal in the group which seems good in theory but when someone disagrees, there is no alpha to take charge and bring peace, it just spins in circles.  They just really lack cohesiveness amongst each other.

Kristi and I have been planning out our trip since we say goodbye to Quetzaltrekkers after our hike on Cosiguina on Thursday.  We have done as much research as we could and we are going off the beaten track to check out the Carribean Coast and Rio San Juan.  We also plan to do Somoto canyon, Masaya, Laguna de Apoyo and maybe another day in Granada.  Of course after Cosiguina we are going to stay a couple days in Jiquilillo and do a fishing trip. If we have time we want to visit San Juan del Sur as well. There is going to be some great stories coming up.

Last night we went back over to our landlord Carlos’ house for drinks.  As soon as I sat down at his table outside, something shit on me.  We think it was a bat but we really don’t know. I just know it was shit and it was on me and it sucked.

Manuella, Carlos’ girlfriend made a fresh fruit juice out of oranges, pineapple, mint and a little bit of lime.  We mixed it with dark rum, a splash of soda and it was delicious.  We really enjoy their company, before we knew it we were out of rum, it was 2am and we were walking over to CamaLeon the after party night club in Leon.

We arrived and Carlos knocks on the door.  A little window door opens, they look at us, then let us in.  I almost expected him to yell at us in a raspy voice “What’s the password?”

We make our way into the back and go to the much quieter bar near the bathrooms.  We meet one of Carlos’ childhood friends and grab a round of beers.  A couple rounds later we decide it’s time to go home and go to bed.  We say goodbye and walk home at 330am.  I don’t know how early they stay open but that’s by far our latest night out.  We had a blast though and didn’t even realize how late it actually was.

Tomorrow is another easy day and then Monday we are off to Telica for a New Years party.

Also one of the volcanos, San Cristobal, errupted on Christmas which is pretty cool from our experience.  Unfortunately, the ash is coming down heavy and has caused some houses to collapse in Chinandega and health problems. The ash is exploding 3000m into the sky and blowing into Honduras.  If the wind shifts, it is possible for it to affect Leon. I kind of hope we can get a good view of San Cristobal from Telica.

Tomorrow we will prepare for New Years, we have 14 clients (we have a cap of 20) signed up and everyone from Quetzaltrekkers is going so we will have around 30 people all together.  Our director has just over 75kgs of alcohol to bring up. Something tells me the hike back is going to suck haha.

One thought on “The last few days – December 26-29

  1. Hi there, it sure sounds like you are having a good time. We would love to Skype with you and Kristi again on Sunday if you can find some time. Just tell us when and we will be available. The hike to the volcano foe New Years Evesounds amazing, I almost wish we could be there. Love you both lots and miss you! Mom

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