In San Juan del Sur right now

So we arrived yesterday and when we attempted to hit the beach, no more than 2 minutes in front of the water and it poured rain.

Today we walked along the beach for about an hour. We came to a nice spot that was away from everyone and I decide this is a good place to go into the water.

The waves were coming in nicely and I am walking out to them.  I make it about waist deep and I feel something land on my foot after a wave came in.  Then it stung me.  It was a jellyfish.  Stung me right on top of my foot on my 2nd toe.

At first I just kind of laughed it off and was planning on continuing to walk along the beach.  Unfortunately, my foot didn’t want to do that and Kristi suggested we walk to the nearest restaurant and get vinegar.

This was the longest 10 minute walk of my life.  Every step felt like I was stepping down on a broken foot and the pain started at my toes and went half way up my foot.

After pouring some vinegar on it,  the waiter looked at me funny and was probably wondering why I was waisting all the vinegar.  Now I’m sulking around the hostal waiting for the pain to leave. I imagine my friends will tease me ruthlessly for not just manning up and peeing on it.

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