Leon – a history tour and an eye-opener

Today Kristi and I went on the “History and Revolution” tour through Leon with Nicasi Tours.  The tour itself was amazing.  Three hours of driving around and raw facts and history mixed in with a little bit of belief.  I honestly could not think of a better way to spend $12 if you enjoy history.

On top of the tour, one of our stops included a breathtaking view of leon and a handful of volcanos.  Our guide, Harry who speaks much better Dutch than English, is extremely passionate about history and willing to discuss into detail anything about the history of Nicaragua that you desire.

Afterwards, we went to Bigfoot Hostel where we had a few drinks and Carlos called us to ask where we were.  We told him and invited him out.  He arrived shortly after 11pm as Bigfoot was closing so we went to Via Via.  We shut down Via Via and told him to follow us to Siesta Perdida where we had a gift for him.  When we arrived, him and his friend were not allowed in because they were local. We tried to insist they were okay but the bouncer wouldn’t allow them to enter since the bar was ready to close.

I ran downstairs, grabbed the gift and met them outside.  Carlos was very greatful and pleased that we bought him a new hammack.   We were more than greatful to help him set up his backyard and garden.

The worst part about this experience is the way Nica’s are treated when not known.  We have been to night clubs and party places with Carlos before because of people he knew.  But as soon as we tried to bring him somewhere he wasn’t known, nobod would left him in more than 5 feet past the door.

We get it… but we dont.  If a tourist is vouching for a local, it should be accepted.  Everyone should be given a fair chance to begin with but I understand as a business if they don’t want that.  Maybe because we were drinking, we felt the way Locals are treated was wrong and maybe there’s a good reason our previous landlord (and other locals) aren’t allowed in our hostel.  But we still felt in was pretty shitty.

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