Lazy day in Leon – January 28, 2013

There is not much to do in Leon on a Monday.  We woke up not hungry but wanting coffee so we went to our favorite breakfast spot, Desayunazo.  If you end up in Leon, you have to eat breakfast here at least once because they’re the only place in town with free refills on coffee and the best fresh orange juice possibly anywhere (I’m sure that can be argued but it’s delicious).  So that is what we had, coffee and orange juice.

We ate a light lunch and went by Quetzaltrekkers before heading back to the hostal and Skyping with Kristi’s mom.

Later that day Quetzaltrekkers called us and asked if we would be willing to help.  They are short employees during their change over as they have a few leaving in the next couple weeks and a couple newbies coming in.  They need one office shift covered and 2 days at the beach as the guy running it needs a short vacation.  I told them we I would talk to Kristi and we would come by later that night.

Kristi agreed with me that it would be great to have a couple free nights at the beach to relax and tan.  Also working an office shift is very easy.  As nice as it is to not be working right now, we like to have something to get out of bed for.

We ate an early dinner at Chicken B who has moved her restaurant to the actual corner and painted a name on the building. Turns out the restaurant name is not Chicken Bitch. The chicken was pretty average and I remembered why we rarely came here to begin with.  Still it was 120 cord meal so who are we to complain?

We walked over to Quetzaltrekkers and talked with the directors.  We explained there were a couple things we planned to do but were willing to work around those things.  Unfortunately they realized we leave Leon on Sunday and they needed us to cover the office shift Sunday afternoon so that was out of the question.  Then they need someone to cover the beach at Quetzal Playa for a couple days next week, so we can’t be much help to them.

We may still spend a night at the beach but things we want to do before we leave include: Volcano Boarding (this time with a working GoPro), Silver Ring Workshop with Nicasi tours, and it sounds like on Friday we are going to play soccer with the street kids from one of the projects.  I’m really excited and hope that Friday happens.  There’s also a restaurant that we want to try before we leave and they will braid my hair for 75 cords.  It might not be long enough though, it has been 2 months since I got my haircut or shaved my face.  Kristi hates it but it will all come off on Tuesday morning if she doesn’t make me take care of it on Monday night haha.  Of course the actual reason for going to the restaurant is that it’s a Caribbean Restaurant and they have coconut bread.

Finally, last night we went to trivia at Via Via.  It’s put on by Quetzaltrekkers, one of the girls works very hard all week to come up with difficult theme questions involving media, music and general questions.  It’s broken up into 5 rounds with 5 questions each round, everyone pays 20 cords to play and the top 3 teams win a couple bottles of rum for the table.  Last time we participated in the Christmas theme, we came in 4th place.

Last night we had a good team and the theme was Under the Sea.  The bartender from Bigfoot who loves trivia and was very enthusiastic and competitive. We also had a couple people from the cock fights the previous day on our team. I thought their was a good chance we would be winning. We started out going 10/10. We hit 4/5 on the next 2 rounds giving us 18/20 and leaving us in a threeway tie for 2nd place.  In round 5 we only hit 3 correct giving us 21/25 which is actually really good considering how tough some of the questions were.  Unfortunately it was only good enough for 4th place and we just missed out on free rum again in a very close match. Though the 1st place team scored 24/25, 2nd and 3rd both scored 22/25.

Unfortunately Kristi and I won’t be around to redeem ourselves but we had a good time and it’s a lot of fun.  We went back to the hostal as it was now 11:30pm and went to bed.  I don’t think today will see much more action.

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