May 25-27, 2014 – Traveling to Bali


Waking up at 8:30am always sucks for me but on this morning, it didn’t.  We quickly packed our last few items – and if you’re wondering if we forgot anything, we certainly did, – and raced off to Kristi’s parents for our final meal in Canada. 
Mike made us french toast and sausages.  It was delicious.  Feel free to swing by their place sometime to eat. 
My parents met us there to drive us to the airport.  Our flight left at 2:15pm but with it being an international flight and our travel agent spelled Kristi’s name wrong, we decided the earlier the better; so we arrived at the airport around 11am. 
No questions asked or names fixed, we were through security before noon. 
We boarded on to our flight with Japan Air and we were on our way.  Roughly a 10 hour flight. 
I’m used to flying with West Jet or Allegiant Air who both suck so Japan Air was quite the treat.  Comfy seats, pretty flight attendants, a remote control for the screen in front of me including a bunch of movies and even better yet, a video game controller on the other side so I got to play Street Fighter 2: Arcade style.  Alcohol was free, so we drank.  They offered everyone hot, damp cloths at the start and end of the flight.  For our meal we had butter chicken and it was great.  Clean bathrooms with automatic flushers… I felt like royalty and this was just for Coach passengers. 
I didn’t sleep on this flight.  Instead, I watched the Lego Movie, Thor 2 and played video games.  We arrived in Tokyo Airport at 3:45pm local time (16 hours ahead of Vancouver).  I was excited to see some crazy Japanese stuff in the airport, I’ll save you the details but it was disappointing.  Plus for a place that is known for it’s technology, they have terrible WiFi.  Our flight didn’t leave until 9:40pm so I tried to sleep on the floor for a couple hours.  The most exciting part about Tokyo airport was the toilet that Kristi used:


When we went to get our boarding pass for our flight with Malaysia Air, they noticed that we had spelling errors in both of our names (My middle name isn’t on my passport but it was on my ticket)  so they took a few minutes to figure that out.  No hassle though. 
We boarded onto our flight with Malaysia Air at 9pm that night.  The flight attendants wear crazy outfits that look like they were designed from Grandma’s chesterfield… yet some of those girls still made them look good.  Call me shallow but airlines should take notes on having good looking girls serve all planes. 
Now I’m pretty effing tired.  We had a 7 hour flight from Tokyo- Kuala Lampur and it was overnight.  Also we taxied for like 30 minutes to the runway… I was starting to think they were just going to drive the plane to Malaysia.  This airline is nowhere near the same as Japan Air.  Just as I start to nod off about an hour into the flight we hit heavy turbulence and I couldn’t help but think about that plane that went missing a couple months ago.  Great now I’m overtired and over thinking. 
When food came around we had the choice between Fish Pasta or Chicken.  We both said chicken and the flight attendant suggested I get the fish pasta so we can try both.  Both were mediocre but at least we were fed. 
After dinner I managed to sleep for about 2 hours before hitting turbulence again.  Kristi slept much more than I did, I just played sudoku and solitaire for most of it then was able to watch a couple episodes of The Big Bang Theory before arriving in Kuala Lampur. 
It is now 3:45am (15 hours ahead of Vancouver)  and we’ve traveled about 12k km over 22 hours.  I am tired and smell awful and we don’t board our flight to Bali until 8:15am.  Luckily I made at status about this and my mother-in-law came to the rescue offering for us to go stay in a premium lounge for a couple hours.  We are so spoiled.
Included with the lounge was a hot shower, food, non alcoholic beverages, a glass of wine and a 15 minute massage.  Life is pretty effing good right now.  That shower made me feel like I was getting a fresh start.  Plus there is nothing like a nice glass of wine at 6am.  After my massage, I was ready to take on the world.  We are very fortunate to have such amazing and supportive families. 
We went for a cool little walk in the Kuala Lampur airport since they had a little boardwalk outside in the middle of the airport.  It was 8am and 25 degrees on this jungle like boardwalk.  It felt great. 


We boarded our flight to Bali and it was nice and quick.  I decided to watch the Lion King and Kristi watched Mama Mia (pfft.. nerd).  2.5 hours later we landed in Bali.  When we arrived, we had to pay for our Visas ($25usd each) then we had to go through Immigration, then we had to go through customs.  This all took about 45 mins from the time we landed but it probably would have been much longer had we checked our bags.  Though I have a notoriously crappy history when I check my bags… one time my bag came out 20 min after everyone else’s and it had tire tracks on it.

We walked past a long line of people with signs up with names.  Our hotel has a free shuttle so we are actively looking for our name with no luck.  We have to go to information and call them.  Roughly 45 min later we are picked up by a very friendly guy who drives us to our Hotel in Seminyak: Serenande (Sare-in-on-day).

All together we took about 32 hours from Vancouver to Bali and I think I had about 3 hours of sleep.  I will put out a blog on our 3 night stay here at Hotel Serinande in a couple days when we leave.  Stay tuned though (someone tried to scam us today)

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2 thoughts on “May 25-27, 2014 – Traveling to Bali

  1. Wow 32 hours, that’s about 30 to long for me. I’ll stick to Vegas. Sounds like you guys are off to an exciting adventure. I look forward to reading about it. Stay away from the shady back room poker games, I hear they keep limbs as collateral.

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