Highlights of Sanur

Most of Sanur offers the same activities wherever you go.  You can do water sports including jet skiing, kite surfing, fishing trips, scuba diving or a water walk.  We found most of this to be way overpriced and eventually decided to not do any of it.  We soon found out why it was so overpriced when we stumbled across the Resorts.  Super nice and fancy resorts, ranging from $120-400 per night.  No wonder I saw nothing but dollar signs in the store owners eyes when we walked by. 
I attempted to haggle over a plain hat and a pair of knock off ray ban sunglasses with one guy.  He started at 350k IR ($35).  I could have bought these 2 items at home for $10.  By the time we were done, I was at 60k IR for both and he was at 100k IR.  I ended up leaving empty handed.
Today I was very surprised that he didn’t take the 60k IR as we were at the Supermarket and found name brand hats for 19k IR and “designer” sunglasses for 40k IR totalling 59k IR.  I know they have a decent profit on that and I didn’t even want a name brand hat.  This tells me that dumbass tourists are paying bigger bucks for these items that don’t cost anything.  I get that arguing over a few bucks isn’t a big deal and I’m probably just being a cheap asshole but having already spent 1/3 of our daily budget on a room, every dollar counts.   I didn’t end up buying a hat at the supermarket as I didn’t find one I liked but Kristi got her sunglasses and a cute pair of shorts.  My quest for a hat will continue. 

Lets talk about where we’re staying: Duyung Home Stay. 

This place has been nothing short of fantastic to us.  Their room rates are 300k IR/night ($30) including breakfast.  Without breakfast was 25k/night and we offered 200k/night and stayed 6 nights. No breakfast but the place is very clean. I think for an extra 50k/night we could have had a room with a TV but we’re cheap and didn’t get that.  We have a room with AC and a hot shower.  Just what we need.  We’ve also saved on breakfast because we found a Warung (little restaurant) that was full of locals and when we eat there our meals combined are always less than $4.
We are located 2 mins from the beach and the staff is incredibly friendly.  They speak very little English which is good because it has forced me to practice my Indonesian.  It still sucks, btw. 
We have been doing our laundry in the sink every couple days and today when we came back to our room, the staff member who cleaned our room had given us a clothes rack and had all of my clothes hanging on it and drying outside.  This is just above and beyond any expectations we’ve had.  


So we’ve spent most of our time eating and sleeping.  Tried a handful of places, had some great food and not so great food.  There’s tanning beds on the beach but they’re between 20k-100k to rent for a day depending on who you talk to.  We convinced a guy instead of giving him 40k for 2 beds, that we would drink.  He agreed and drink we did.  120k IR in beer later and everyone is happy.  Some of the local carts have been great.  Everyone charges us 10k IR ($1). Pastries, corn fritters, spring rolls and it’s all delicious.  Kristi bought us 2 spring rolls and 2 corn fritters for 10k IR.  They cut it up, cover it in a sauce similar to plum sauce and give us tooth picks to eat it with.  I won’t be losing any weight here. 

My original plan in Sanur was to get my PADI Openwater Diving Certificate.  Our original expectation was to pay around $300… not the case.  It’s been over $400usd everywhere we’ve gone.  I could have paid $500 at home in Vancouver and had it before I even came to Bali.  Since I’m cheap and don’t really care about diving, we are putting it off until we go somewhere that offers accommodation with the course.  Kristi will be able to dive with her friend G on Gili and I’ll stay home and do the cooking. 

Okay now to the part everyone has been waiting for: MIDGET BOXING…fuuuuuuu yeah


Yep. This really happened.  While sitting at a bar, a bus full of midgets started yelling at us and threw a flyer at us to watch them box.  Some British guys sitting near us said it was awesome and we really should go.  It’s more like WWE Wrestling (fake) and about being entertaining.  This event did not fail to deliver!

An Aussie host does all the announcing and like most Aussies, he’s quick on his toes and very witty.  He introduced the midgets with names like Evander Holyfield, Baby Ali, Former Mike Tyson- Ladyboy… yes they had a cross dressing midget boxer.  There was also Referee Rambo and Ring Girl Mini Nicki Manaj.

After the introductions, they do a dance number to Blow My Whistle, Bitch which reminds me of Grade 10 hanging out with my buddies, Matt and Dan. 

I look around and realize people brought their children to this… sigh… parenting. 

They “fight” for four-four minute rounds.  Most of it is midgets running in circles and dance offs.  Then when one starts to get the better of the other, someone gets punched in the face. Most fights ended in round 3 by “knockout” .  Then they let the fans decide who the real winner was. The referee would determine who received more cheers. But we all know the real winners in Midget Boxing are the fans.   


Yes it was as amazing as it sounds. 

The ring girls and Baby Ali danced in between fights.  Baby Ali would come out with a different child’s onesie on… Spiderman, Skeleton, etc and he had a move where he kicked himself in the forehead.  The Aussie commentator said that if anyone else in the bar could do that, he would buy them a beer.  No takers.


At the start of the 2nd fight, it was time for a new ring girl. I’ll just let the picture do the talking….


Yep. She started out a little bit nervous… but got into it… video will be up on the Facebook page


She also got a free beer out of it!


She hates stout… I got a free beer out of it though.
Other girls were called out to be ring girls too including a couple Aussies and an Irish baby…. yes a baby. Imagine that story when she’s older:
Girl: Tell me a story papa (This is how I imagine the Irish speak to each other)
Papa: Well wee one, have I told you about the time I gave you to midgets and made you a ring girl for their boxing match?
I’ll let you piece together the rest of that conversation.  I encourage you to use your imagination and be creative.  Even post the rest of the convo in the comments section. 

This night was just all kinds of awesome. I high-fived midgets and watched them punch each other in the face for money.  We paid 120k IR to watch and had 2 large Bintang beers for another 70k IR. I donated my last 10k to the entertainers and wish I had more to offer.  Great night out for $20.

When they finished, we got to jump in the ring for a couple pics.  This truly was a night to remember and will be a talked about highlight for years to come.


100% Badass. 

Sanur has been a very nice and relaxing 6 nights.  Kristi’s friend, Nick, is here from Palau and literally on his way over to our Home Stay right now.  Then early tomorrow morning, we leave for Gili Trawagan which is a party Island to meet another traveling friend, G.  Who knows what could happen this next week?  Thanks for reading.

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