Random Short Story #1: Our Local food adventure KL

So because I have been having issues, mostly dealing with uploading pictures through my wordpress app.  I will just share a couple random encounters that may not have made it into a previous blog.  This one is from Kuala Lumpur (still waiting on that blog to upload)

It was our 2nd or 3rd night and we were spending way too much money due to a few tourist attractions that we wanted to see.  So we asked the front desk where we could get a good meal for cheap.  He looked at us, kind of shocked, “do you want to eat local food?”  We told him we don’t care as long as it’s good and cheap.

So he directed us around the corner of the hotel, 2 minutes down the street and down an alley way.  There was a good chance we were going to get robbed here.  But halfway down the alley we could see lights and lots of cars parked.  We walk up and there are about 10 outdoor, covered restaurants with ghetto plastic patio chairs and tables.  Some were fancy and had picnic tables.

As we walk by a few of the restaurant owners… or cooks… or servers… would holler out at us “Yes please. Come in please.” The word “please” is used very little in the Malay language but when they speak English it’s like every 4th word.

We continue to walk until we see one packed with people in it. There was literally one table left and we had to share it ith other people. This has to be a good choice.  Two girls come up to the table to take our order.  One of them was asking us what we would like and the other was writing down our order. A little unconventional in my eyes but maybe she was training or she struggled with English.  Maybe that’s just how it’s done here so there is less margin for error.

Nothing on the menu was in English so we ordered a random chicken dish because we knew the word “ayam” and asked the server for suggestions.  She talked us into a vegetable dish and their famous fish soup.

Then our “server” went back to her table to join her friends because she was a customer and had nothing to do with the restaurant.  Turns out none of the employees spoke English so they asked if she could translate.  I guess her friends found it funny because they took a video.

I look around and realize that there are no utensils.  Everyone around us is eating this greasy food and rice with their hands.  I hate eating with my hands. I even use a knife and fork to eat my pizza.

Our food shows up and no utensils. Not even for our soup. Not looking forward to this experience, I ignored the fact that all of the food runners were smoking.  The food is all fresh and super hot so I sit there staring at it trying to figure out how to do this.  The chicken was quite good and the veggies that we ordered had some good spice to them.  However, eating rice with your hands is weird.  I tried to take handfuls of it and tilt my head back and dump it into my mouth like I was eating popcorn.  Locals stared at me.  Kristi watched the locals and they would squish it in their fingers, put their hand in their mouth and suck the rice through. I once was eating a hotdog when I was younger and managed to bite my finger after getting too enthusiastic in finishing the hotdog.  That hurt, alot.  I’m not putting my fingers in my mouth.  I’ll stick to my method.

The fish soup was basically a bowl of broth with plum sized chunks of fish in it.  Not being a fan of anything too fishy, we’re not sure how we got talked into ordering this.  I took a sip of the broth. Nope. I’m done.  It tasted like they took a bowl of salt water from the ocean and cooked a fish alive in it.  I later tried to eat the fish. I like fish.  Unfortunately I really don’t like salt.  Salt should never be the dominant flavour in food. So we left the bowl of fish soup.

As we paid our bill and left, everyone stared at us.  I  had to look down at my fly and make sure my balls weren’t showing.  I struggled enough with Indonesian and just as I got the hang of that, I have to learn the basics of Malay now.  Cool experience and if anyone recommends to us to try a fish soup, at least we can say that we’ve tried it and can dodge it like the plague.

I have posted a bunch of pics on my facebook page if you need something to keep you entertained until the next blog.

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