Bus from Siem Reap to Battambang – Cambodia – February 2015

Typically a bus is a bus.  Easy peasy. Most hotels will book a bus for you no problem.  Ours wasn’t one of those hotels so we had to head into town and find a bus.  From Siem Reap to Battambang they tend to range from $4-$8.  We went directly to one of the companies, Capitol Tours, and booked a bus for $4.50usd.  They said they will pick us up at 8am so alarm is set for 7am. 

As I’m drying off from my shower there’s a knock on our door.  It’s the Front Desk Clerk telling us our pick up is here!  Nobody is ever early in Asia. Ever! I tell him 5 minutes. 

I look at the clock… 7:19am.  So much for eating breakfast! 

We hop in the minivan and pick up one other person.  Our bus is supposed to leave at 8:30am and we’re at the bust stop by 7:35am.  No food anywhere in the area. 

8:30am a bus pulls up.  It’s going to Phnom Penh so when I showed my ticket, they said “not yet.” 

Around 8:45am they start collecting tickets from anyone going to Battambang.  The guy is asking for my ticket and I’m showing it to him and he’s confused.  I’m supposed to have a yellow ticket but I don’t have a yellow ticket. I have a different ticket. 

Turns out we’re at the wrong place.  They ask where I bought my ticket.  I tell them Capitol Tours.  They say “yes but where did you buy your ticket”… this is going nowhere.  They insist I go to tour company and say “It’s their fault, not ours.” I tell them it’s probably their fault for picking us up in the first place. 

We take a tuk tuk to Capitol Tours.  It’s just after 9am now.  I tell them what happened and they say “we sent someone at 8am and were told you aren’t staying there.”  They tell us our bus has left but luckily there’s another one leaving at 9:30am and we simply change our tickets over. 

No one will accept responsibility for this screw up.  I’m hangry and have no idea how we got picked up by the wrong company.  Someone owes me breakfast. 

We got on the 9:30am bus and everything was easy from there.  I still have so many questions.  I wonder if someone else was supposed to be picked up?  If they were, why did no one know they were missing?  Why didn’t they accidentally go with Capitol? What happened here?

It’s little disasters like this that make travel so entertaining. Harmless mistake, nobody got hurt. Though I don’t like being late… I’m a busy person. Time is money, bro.  I’ve tried to analyze what happened but I’m lost.  All Kristi and I can do is speculate and laugh. 

Happy and safe travels. 

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