Khmer Photoshoot – Battambang – February 2015


If you walk down the streets in Cambodia you will see a lot of photo studios with big images of overly edited photos displayed all over the place.  We want these photos!

There’s a couple we met in Pai, Thailand, Alex and Amina.  We crossed paths again in Da Lat, Vietnam and turns out we were about to cross paths again in Battambang, Cambodia. 


Kristi talked Amina into joining us for the photoshoot.  They were confused but down.  After going to 4-5 different studios we found one that would give us 3 photos for $10 per couple.  This includes hair and make up for the girls along with costumes for everyone.

They give us little plastic chairs to sit on while we wait for the girls to get their makeup done.  My child sized stool isn’t strong enough to support me… I hear a crack.  Then I feel it.  The chair is starting to give way under me.  It’s too late.  Like when you lean back just a touch too far on your chair and you know there’s no coming back.  I fall flat on my ass causing everyone in the room to burst out laughing. 


A guy comes in to see what happens and also starts laughing.  He takes the broken stool from me and comes back in the room with a sturdy wooden one.  Hopefully this can support my fat ass. 

Kristi picks a costume to wear and I get a matching jacket.  They hand me a pair of white pants.  I go into the “change room” and they’re too small.  Pretty sure they’re a 32 and I’m a 34.  This studio is hard on my self esteem.  I do manage to get into them. 


Kristi picks out some jewellery to wear, and a tiara of course. Bling Bling! 


Alex and Amina sort out their costumes as well. 


It’s photoshoot time. 

The photographer actually poses us.  He moves our hands feet and heads to exactly where he wants them, steps back and takes the first photo.  He looks at his camera and very enthusiastically and unexpectedly says, “Yes!”  As if to say “BOOM! NAILED IT!”


We did 2 pictures each as couples.  Then we did 2 pictures together as a group. 

We were told to come back the following day at 1pm. 

The end result?


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