Phnom Penh VIP Movie Experience – Cambodia – 2015


Since being in Malaysia, we try to go see a movie in each country we visit.  So far we’ve seen movies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.  Bangkok, Thailand. And Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Being in Phnom Penh we were tipped off about an awesome theater at Aeon Mall. 

When I asked how much, I was told roughly $15 each… [insert four letter words here. Feel free to get creative]  EXPENSIVE!  The most expensive movie we saw was $4 each.

Back at our guesthouse, I had to look this place up and see why it cost so much.  Well they offer a 4D movie experience for $10 for a seat close to the screen or $12 for a seat near the back.  It’s the only 4D Theater in Cambodia.  They also have a VIP theater with big recliner chairs for $15 each.  It looks amazing…. we’re doing this!

We agreed that we wanted to see Kingsman.  First we decided on 4D but it didn’t play until 9:45pm.  The VIP theater had it at 8:15pm.  We decided on the earlier time and the VIP experience. 

I know we have these VIP options at home in Vancouver but we can barely afford to see a regular priced movie at home so I can’t compare them. 

We are directed to the VIP Lounge to get our tickets.


Included with our ticket is an option for a glass of wine and cashews or almonds that we can enjoy in the lounge but not in the theater.  Or popcorn and a drink once the movie starts.  Since we each got an option, we opted for 1 of each

Chilean Merlot never tasted so good. 


The server gave us a slip to take with us upstairs to claim our popcorn. 


Our seats were awesome! Big comfy recliners with a pillow and blanket. 


The only complaint was the service was 100% Asian standard.  Arriving 5 minutes prior to the previews starting and not getting our popcorn and coke until 20 minutes into the movie because they can only serve 2 people at a time in a 40 seat theater. 

What about the movie?  No spoilers of course! I enjoyed it.  It’s a solid spy movie with lots of action and good comedy. 

We may have gone over budget and spent triple what we normally would on a movie but the experience was incredible.  If you’re in Phnom Penh, treat yourself! You won’t be disappointed.  


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