Kuala Lumpur 2.0 – Malaysia – April 2015


As we stepped off the plane and passed through customs, we exhaled a big sigh of relief.  KL just feels right.  We may only be back in Malaysia for 2 weeks but Kristi’s parents are joining us and we plan to make the most of it!

Since we had a night to ourselves first, we decided to hop in a taxi and go to the Petronas Towers mall, Suria KLCC for Nandos Chicken and a movie after dinner.


The next day we made our way back to the Airport.  You can catch a bus from KL Sentral for 10rm. The reunion was everything I expected except there weren’t any tears… well maybe I cried a little but nobody saw that. A dinner involving roti canai, fried chicken and dahl was everything we had previously missed about Malaysia. It’s good to be back.


The following morning we hopped in a taxi and headed for the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. This place is great if you enjoy birds.

PSX_20150405_173705 It’s pretty open for a lot of birds to go about their usual business.


You can feed the parrots You can feed the ostriches too.  Watch your fingers though.


After the Bird Park we headed to Central Market to get a fish pedicure which was every bit as awful as it sounded.  They ate off my calluses that I worked so hard to build.  Now I’m going to get blisters.


We also visited China town and the Petronas Towers.


It was a busy first day but I think we hit a few great spots for our solo day in KL. This is a very well put together city.  I think if we had to choose a major city in Asia to live in, Kuala Lumpur would likely be at the top of the list.  Tomorrow we hop on a plane and fly to Sandakan on Borneo and head straight to Sepilok to see Orangutans and Sun Bears.

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