Pulau Penang 2.0 – Malaysia – April 2015


I am excited for Penang! The best street food we’ve had anywhere in Southeast Asia was right here.  We also were able to meet a bunch of great people and we’re looking forward to Kristi’s parents meeting them too.


We had quite a nice hotel (Glow Hotel) so we spent our first day hanging out poolside and having a few drinks.  We had a dinner reservation at Tsunami Village restaurant as an early birthday dinner for Kristi.  What Kristi didn’t know was that we arranged for 4-5 people we had met in July to meet us at the restaurant and join us in the celebration.


Quick useless fact.  They named this restaurant “Tsunami Village” because this area of the island was hit by the Tsunami in 2004 killing 63 villagers here.  The name is rather insensitive but the locals don’t seem to care.  Just as we arrived it started raining.  Actually the word “raining” is completely downplaying this intense storm.  It rained so hard the roof was leaking.  We were moved tables 6 times before settling down.


Harn, Arle, Jim, Jen and her friend Tony all joined us.  We wisely let the locals order: Rice and vegetables, mantis shrimp, garlic prawns, muscles,  calamari, and a red snapper.  We tried to order horseshoe crab as well but they were sold out.

Everything was delicious! This is the Penang I love!


Just when I felt like we couldn’t eat anymore, they brought out a cake that Jen picked out for everyone:

When the bill came, it was 280rm which is less than $100usd.  A dinner like this in Vancouver would have easily cost us $500.

After dinner, Jim drove us to the cheap bar where we get 3 beers for 10rm.  Delicious food, cheap beer, good company.  What more could we want out of life?


The next morning, Harn borrowed his dad’s vehicle and took us on a tour of Georgetown, starting with the clan jetties.

We then walked around looking at street art.


Afterwards we headed to a hawker stand and had char koay teow, prawn mee, and laksa.


Then we lined up outside for the famous street cendol.  It was worth the wait!


That night, Kristi, Cindy and I joined Harn at an awesome Indian Restaurant.  Butter chicken, naan, roti canai, banana leaf rice and tandoori chicken made for an amazing meal.  Then we went to Mugshot for homemade yogurt with mango and walnuts.

After dinner, we dropped Cindy off and we went with Harn to the couchsurfers meetup.

As of right now, they still keep it going every Friday night but the location rotates so that they can try different options.  Harn is leaving for Europe in June though so someone else will have to step up and host in order for it to keep going.  They have 30-40 strong every week so I’m sure someone will.

This may have been the best way to wrap up our stay in Southeast Asia.  Tomorrow we fly back to KL where we’re spending the night near the airport.  Then Mike and Cindy fly home and Kristi and I are off to our next adventure in Nepal! Thank you Penang and Malaysia and Southeast Asia for the good times!

Cindy and Mike seeing Cendul for the first time
Cindy and Mike seeing Cendul for the first time

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