Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 1st, 2015

Okay here we go. I am starting out the tasting of my craft beer calendar by cheating.  It’s actually 11pm on November 30th but I have to work in the morning and have dodgeball at night so I’m being proactive by drinking now.


The 1st beer of the Calendar is from Parallel 49. A brewery located in Vancouver that my friend lives down the street from, but never fills the growler I gave her.  Or at least she never brings me a full growler. I bought this calendar because P49 is one of my favorite breweries and they do $4 flights in their tasting room!


Rock the Bells Cranberry Sour Ale:  Strong Beer. Alc/Vol 7.0%


This beer is hard to drink.  It’s been 20 minutes and I’ve choked down less than half the bottle. Apparently it’s best served between 8-10°C which is warmer than I’m drinking it but I don’t see that making this beer more drinkable.

It has an IBU (international bitter unit) Rating of 12 which is quite low. You’ll find higher IBUs in hoppier beers.

Ever pick a cranberry straight off the bush and realize it’s not quite ripe yet and just sour af? That’s what this “beer” tastes like.


For the first beer in the calendar, they’re really pushing the limits of my pallet.

It is now 11:30pm and I just made the decision to slam the rest of the beer. It hurts. Maybe I’m just soft.  I keep seeing these beers pop up at local breweries all over Vancouver so there’s obviously a demand for them.

Anyways, here’s a pic of Marvin the pug to make myself feel better.


Brewery Info: Parallel 49 Brewing Company
1950 Triumph Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

If anyone from P49 sees this post. Sorry for the shitty review. You’re still one of my favorite breweries.

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