Tis the Season

Hello Friends, Family and random Readers,

It’s been awhile since I have made a post as I am back in to the swing of your average boring working life in North America.

It’s been 6 months now since coming home from that amazing trip in Southeast Asia and Nepal. Has anything changed? Well I’ve grown a sweet beard:

To be honest, I’ve missed having something to write about so I’ve issued myself a goal from now till Christmas.  Plus, Kristi wants me to help with decorating and I’m trying to look busy:


Remember those Chocolate Advent Calendars that your parent would buy you for the month of December? Mine usually looked like this one:


Well I bought myself one but it’s not filled with chocolate, it’s filled with Beer! It feature local craft beers from 2 breweries in the area: Central City (Red Racer)  and Parallel 49


It cost me $75 (I’m cheap so it’s kind of a big deal that I bought this) for the 24 Case but there’s a beer for everyday. Both breweries are worth checking out.  I dunno why this pic uploads upside down but I’ve spent a solid 4 minutes trying to fix it. I’m sure you get it.


So my goal for the month of December is to drink the beer from the Calendar and report back here. Short and simple blogs. Take some time for myself to enjoy the simple things in life.

If you haven’t heard, our roommate got a pug shortly after we moved home and though he’s not a real dog, Marvin and I get along pretty good. We like to dress him up.  I think I’ll share a pug pic everyday in December too. So if you don’t care about my beer blogs, you can enjoy the pug pics:


See ya tomorrow!

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