Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 2

Day 2 of the craft beer calendar and it’s the Red Racer India Session Ale (ISA).  Central City is the main operating company but they call their beer line “Red Racer.” They also have a beer line in the United States that they call “Red Betty”.  I’ll likely flipflop between saying Red Racer and Central City because I can. Oh. And Yes. I used my laptop as my coaster for this picture.

The Central City brewery was one of the first places I started drinking at when I got my fake ID 12 years ago.  I seem to recall tasting the ISA once upon a time and not liking it. First sip… not bad but bitter.


It’s a little bit more bitter than I prefer but it’s not like I’m choking it down. Maybe my pallet is too delicate.  Maybe I’m a pussy.  There. I said it.


IBU is 40 on this.  As I drink it I like it more and more. It has a sweet finish. Thumbs up. Downside: It’s only 4%.
Anyways, here’s a picture of Marvin. He has bed head because I woke him up.


More info on Central City Brewery:
They offer tours too!


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