Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 3&4


So I’ve already broken my rules and didn’t write about yesterday’s beer. I just wasn’t really feeling right so I opted to drink both beers today.  I know. P-word.

December 3rd beer is Parallel 49s Jerkface 9000 North West Wheat.  5% Alcohol and 37 IBU.

Typically I enjoy wheat beers like Blue Moon, Rickards White and Kronenbourg Blanc.  First sip and it has a a similar taste to white ales with a not so familiar hoppy bite to it.  Though I typically don’t like too much hops, this is balanced just enough to cut the sweetness from the beer.  I could definitely drink this all day.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like screw this. Seriously reindeer? Decorations? What are you, 12? All I want for Christmas is a bottle of this hopped American wheat goin’ down your fruitcake-hole. That way I don’t have to hear you sing any more of those awful carols.

I’m just gonna relax and enjoy this.  It is, after all, almost 11am.


Up next is from Central City.  The Dominator Brett Saison.  A “strong ale” at 6.5% .  Good thing I have 5 hours to sober up before work tonight.


Previous experiences with strong beer have not gone well.  First sip… it’s strong tasting beer.  It made my jaw tighten.  I should probably film this.

Don’t let the Dominator escape! In honour of the now alumni brewer Dominic Giraldes. This Brett Saison is complex, with a touch of a sour note.  The beer pays homage to the Farmhouse Ale Beer Style, with our own touch of West Coast.

It actually is painful to drink.  It’ll be awhile before I finish this one.  Enjoy a pic of Marvin while I attempt to finish this bottle of regret.


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