Craft beer Calendar – Dec 6

There are children in my house.  I don’t know where they came from but they have occupied my TV room so I’m drinking alone in bed.  20151206_162854

Today’s beer is Red Racer (Central City) Northwest Pale Ale. It tastes like a normal pale ale but shittier… I mean hoppier.  I don’t drink many pale ales but there are definitely better options than this one. Unless you like a hoppy pale ale. Then this one is great.


After a long 4 hour shift of “work” this is not my ideal beer. I have a Christmas party to attend tonight and this is my pregame.


I certainly do not feel like the beer connoisseur inside of me is inspired.  I guess it will do for now. The children have been yelled at by their mom so I can enjoy this beer in peace… for now.

Anyways, here’s Marvin the pug. It’s a selfie.



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