Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 7

So I’m ridiculously hungover since we had our staff Christmas party last night.  Going out with people who work in a bar usually results in a rough morning.  So it’s 11:45pm and I figure I should drink this beer.

Parallel 49 Filthy Dirty India Pale Ale. Ibu 76… This might hurt.


Yep. It’s hoppy and bitter but with a fruity kick. Much smoother than I expected.  It’s hard going in with a positive mindset when you know you likely won’t enjoy the beer.  Maybe it’s the heartburn, or the slight buzz… but I don’t mind this.


Maybe the secret to drinking IPAs is to drink them when I don’t actually want to drink.  Though it’s always questionable putting something called “filthy dirty” in your mouth.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this but it’s definitely the most palatable IPA I’ve ever had.

The pig on the bottle makes me giggle.

Anyways, It’s just past midnight now, I’m gonna put this back and go to sleep.  For your viewing pleasure, here’s a picture of Marvin the pug looking confused.


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