Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 8

After a long day of pretending to bartend and a great dinner with some awesome people, I’m finally home and ready to drink my beer. More strong ale… yay!


Central City’s Fabulator Rauch Bock. I don’t actually have any idea what this is. Kristi took a sip first, made a noise of disgust and announced it tastes like meat. I almost want her to finish the bottle and I’ll just write out her commentary. She used some very unladylike language in response to my suggestion.


After my first sip, I can confirm that it does taste like meat. Despite really enjoying meat (I eat it with every meal) I don’t think I enjoy drinking meat. It’s possible that this Rauch bock is perfection in a bottle, but I haven’t tried others to compare it.  It’s definitely meat in a bottle.

I’m gonna drink this quietly near the sink. Here’s my buddy Marvin the Pug looking smart.


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