Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 9

Okay here we go. Another day, another belligerent rambling about something I don’t have the qualifications to be doing.  I’m pretty good at this internet thing

Parallel 49s Bodhisattva dry hopped sour.  That’s a mouthful to say out loud.  20151209_162749

Yes you’re reading that correctly. It says strong beer on it. 7.5% alcohol.  Anyone else noticing a lot of these bottles have ugly people on the label? First sip and I’m slightly confused.  These sour beers don’t really taste like beer at all. This one tastes more like juice. I don’t hate it.


As I drink more of it, I like it more. Kristi asked me last night why I feel like I have to drink the entire bottle and the answer is simple.  I’m an optimist and hope that the beer grows on me.  I just keep telling myself there’s alcohol in it and it’s good for me.

Anyways, I have important things to do.   Here’s a pic of Marvin the Pug and I chilling when my beard was just okay. He saw himself in the camera and realized how ugly he was.


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