Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 10

Not sure why I procrastinated on today’s beer since I had the day off and nothing going on.  But I did and now it’s 11:40pm and I’m scrambling to write this.

Red Racer Copper Ale. I’ve had this before though I don’t remember much about it.


It’s light bodied, easy to drink and just a nice beer to kick back and relax with.  There really isn’t much to this but I like it. It’s by far the easiest drinking beer to date in this calendar.  Craft beer doesn’t have to be a hops contest.


This description sums Central City Copper Ale up perfectly.  I’m just gonna chill and enjoy it tonight as I likely won’t be so lucky tomorrow. Here’s a picture of Marvin the pug. The reason you clicked on this blog to begin with.


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