Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 11

Lets get this day rolling right. Parallel 49s Toques of Hazard Imperial White IPA.  It’s 9.2% alcohol with an IBU of 76 which is the same as the Filthy Dirty that I liked.  For those non Canadians that stumble upon this. A toque is what we call a knitted hat that keeps us warm in the snow. Most Americans call then beanies.


It says ‘extra strong beer” on the bottle and that’s exactly how it tastes.  I don’t mind it though.  I think the fact that it’s a white beer adds a touch of fruitiness to it that cuts out the hoppy finish.


I guess maybe the hops is growing on me.  For the most part all of the beers have been quite hoppy. At the end of the day, I can enjoy this. Thumbs up Parallel 49.

My laptop is gonna die pretty quick here. Marvin the pug was sleeping and I was bored so I woke him up. This is the face he gave me


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