Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 13 + 14

Here I am breaking rules again.  I left my house yesterday morning just after 11am and didn’t come home until midnight.  After working 2 jobs I just didn’t have the mental capacity to write a 90 word blog.  So Lets drink 2 beers now.

First up is Mr. Needles Fir Pale Ale. 20151214_232547_HDR

This sounds impressively unappealing. Yep. It’s exactly what I would expect my Christmas Tree to taste like.


The only problem is: I don’t want to drink my Christmas Tree. I have a fake tree and it’s too small to put presents under. Bah humbug! It actually tastes like sap smells. Someone thought this was a good idea.

Next up is my favorite. Just kidding. It’s another IPA. Red Racer Super Sonic IPA


It’s exactly what I dislike in IPAs. If you’re an IPA drinker, I assume this is delicious.  I am now staring at 2 beers I don’t enjoy and figuring out the best way to finish them.


Kristi just tried them. I think I need to start filming this.  I’m gonna be up for awhile getting these down.  This is pretty much everything I don’t like in craft beer.

Here’s a picture of Marvin the pug’s butt while he watches 101 dalmatians on TV.  He likes it when the dogs bark.  You can also see my Christmas tree.


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