Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 15

Hard to believe how close we are to Christmas.  I was so excited that I found Kristi a good Christmas present… then last night I came home to see wrapped presents in the house and like 9 of them had my name on it. So I guess I need to do some more shopping.

Anyways, I’m stoked for this beer.  Parallel 49 Ugly Sweater Milk Stout.


This beer is so good. It’s thick and smooth and tastes like chocolate.  Kristi was messing with me after I warned her not to touch it and sent me a blurry picture of her drinking it.  However, she did replace it with a 6 pack so she’s been forgiven.


Did I mention this beer is delicious? This is the #1 beer in the case to date. 9 more to go!
Here’s how Marvin the pug chills when I write my blogs. Don’t laugh at the floral pattern on my ottoman.


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