Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 17

As I contemplate who to sit in my fantasy football lineup today I feel the need to drink.  Semi-finals and I’ve been an underdog almost every week.  Big decisions to knock off the #2 seed this weekend.

When I think about drinking, the Parallel 49 Psychops India Pale Lager isn’t exactly at the top of my list.  In all fairness I can’t say that I’ve ever tried an IPL.


More “string beer” in this case… what a surprise.  The IBU on this beer is only 40 but hops definitely control the pallet.  It’s not terrible but I wouldn’t rush out to get another one.


I’m just kind of confused by the description on the bottle.  My biggest issue when craft beer first started becoming popular was that I felt like it was just a big hops contest.  Obviously this isn’t always the case but sometimes it seems that way. As I think harder about my ffb lineup, the beer goes down smoother and faster.

I decided to write this blog because marvin the pug was staring at the fridge and made me realize I have beer to drink.


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