Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 22

I regret to tell people today that I lost my great grandmother.  Yes. Great grandmother. She was 92 years old and an incredibly strong and stubborn woman.  We’ve been expecting this for quite some time now and she went peacefully in her sleep, the way we all want to go.  RIP  Great Grandma.

My beer for the day is from Central City. Thor’s Hammer Barley Wine.  I happened to be at the brewery a couple days ago and picked this to be on my flight so I already know what to expect.


This extra strong ale is 11.5% and thick.  I goes down smooth with a sweet almost cherryish finish.  When I tried it at the brewery it was much easier to drink. I’m not sure if it’s because it was on draft or because I was already 4 wineries deep before getting there.


This has a very interesting flavor profile.  I’m actually enjoying as I make my way through the bottle.

Guess what!?! I have more pictures of Marvin the pug in his argyle sweater.


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