Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 23

With only 2 days left until Christmas, I’m happy to say I have no more shopping to do.  Though apparently putting Kristi’s present in a box wasn’t good enough and i had to wrap the box too.  She then proceeded to judge my wrapping job using words like “shitty” and “pathetic.”

Today’s beer is Parallel 49 whiskey barrel aged Vow of Silence Belgian Strong.


I let Kristi have the first sip tonight. Afterwards she made a bunch of dry heaving sounds.This extra strong beer is no joke at 10%.  It’s really not that bad tasting.


I think the more beers I drink, the more numb my pallet becomes. I’m not getting a whole lot of flavor from this beer as if I were just drinking a normal lager.  I’m growing up!

In the spirit of keeping things short, here’s a very unflattering picture of Marvin the pug.  Straight tail and a fat angle.  He just isn’t nearly as cute as he should be.



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