Diez Vistas Trail – Port Moody – August 2016


Any excuse to skip the gym.  Kristi and Mike wanted to take Marvin for a hike and seeing the weather was nice, I decided to jump on board and go with them.  I didn’t ask where we were going or how tough it was or how long it was, I just said “yes” and went for the hike. To be honest, I was just excited to turn on my pokemon go app and try to hatch a few eggs while walking.  Stop judging me.


As we hang out and wait for Mike to come pick us up, Marvin waits patiently on his best behavior. I assume with fear that we’ll change our minds.

20160808_110955_HDR[1]Nothing like a 30 minute car ride to get Marvin hyped up. He stared out the window the entire ride up.


“Everything I’ve read says it’s hard for the first little bit then it’s easy” – Kristi

The path is steep uphill for about 4km.  So I think what people mean to say is that for the 1st third of the hike, it’s pretty tough as it’s about 14km all the way around.


Diez Vistas trail is about 7km all the way around but you have to hike roughly an additional 7km from the parking lot all the way back around.  The hardest part about the uphill climb is that any time we stopped for a water break, the mosquitoes were relentless. They were also huge! Some looked like pterodactyls.

The climb didn’t seem to bother Marvin though.  Crazy Pug.


Then you hit that first “Vista” and it’s all worth it! You get a beautiful view of the Indian Arm.  Also the mosquitoes seemed to have gone away and didn’t bother us the rest of the hike.


Hanging out on the big rock, we couldn’t help but re-enact the Lion King and sing circle of life.

The hike is advertised as 10 View Points but with the growth of the trees over the years, there’s really only 3-4 view points left and the first one is by far the best.


Marvin hung in there all the way through the hike and didn’t start dragging behind until the stretch at the end


The hike itself was great. We had overcast weather and more than enough water with 2-3L each.  This hike is a decent challenge at the start and gets pretty steep on the way back down too.  Hiking boots are not necessary, Kristi and I wore regular runners and were fine. From start to finish, we hiked 5.5 hours.

I have a confession to make though.  I don’t hike with these 2 for the nature or the views.


Nothing better than a cold cider and pizza bun at a local brewery afterwards.  Parkside also offered a guest tap from Bomber Brewing which would have been awesome if it was Parklife… it wasn’t.


We also popped over to Moody Ales for flight, some jerky and I had a glass of their Pineapple Hef.


These two were pretty tuckered out when we got home.


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