Osoyoos – August 2016


Here we are in beautiful Osoyoos.  My parents rent the same campsite every year and park their tent trailer on it.  We are right on the water with a private beach in front of us.  My sister and her boyfriend are here along with Kristi’s parents and her nephew visiting from Ottawa!


This looks like a pretty awesome way to spend our days. Looking out at Haynes Point Provincial Park, playing bocce on the beach and cooling off in the water.


Not sure why the sign says April since it was August and it was the 4th not the 13th and I just realized all these things now.. Hmmm… maybe the temperature isn’t accurate either… the time was though.  I don’t know what to think.  Lets just focus on that awesome Temp.


Griffin made the mistake of taking me on at mini golf. I’ve been training for this moment my whole life.  He may be able to skate circles around me on the ice but this is my W.


He’s very focused.  I’ve got my work cut out for me.


I let him keep score… I knew this might come back to haunt me but alas I prevailed victorious! Keep practicing, kid.


In the evening we gamble on horse races.  Only the highest of stakes of course: Nickels and Dimes! It’s a good thing Kristi is lucky because I had to rebuy an extra $1.50.  I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to pay my cable bill this month.

We spent an hour Jet Skiing out on Osoyoos lake Thursday morning.  Griffin and Kristi shared a jet ski and took turns throwing each other off while I just zoomed up and down the lake at a chill pace.  I think I’m getting old. No waterproof camera = no pics.  FYI jet skiing is expensive haha. $110/hour per jet ski.


It wouldn’t be a true trip to Osoyoos if we didn’t go to the wineries.  Kristi’s parents and Griffin had to head home so it was just Kristi and I with my wino parents.  Moon Curser was our first stop and I dunno if my pallet was off to start this one but I actually despised every wine I tried there.  Oh well. Wine is so personal and you can’t expect to like everything.


Moon Curser did offer a beautiful view though.


We checked out Adega on 5th which we’ve never been to before.  But we left with a red and a white blend.


We checked out the resort at Nk’mip (inkeneep) and came out with a couple nice bottles here.  Apparently they have a spectacular restaurant too. One day I would love to check it out.


Young and Wyse has a black sheep logo because one of the winemakers is related to the Burrowing Owl family and has always referred to himself as the black sheep of the family… Can’t be that far off since he’s making wine.  The lady behind the counter was awesome and we had a lot of fun at this winery because of her. Wine tasting shouldn’t be all serious, it should be laid back and fun


We stumbled upon this tiny little winery that is just amazing.  Producing roughly 1000 cases of wine per year, they have a small menu but it is all done extremely well.  This was probably the best wine we had of all the wineries.


Another nice winery located on the busy highway a block up from Osoyoos main strip.  I think that’s enough for 1 day.


The following morning we hit the links.  My first round of the year.  We went to the Osoyoos Golf Club and did the Desert course.


At one point, Josh says he has to piss and doesn’t see a bathroom anywhere.  He asks us out loud, “Do you think they would get mad if I just pissed in the bush?” As he gestures and looks over, there’s a stick that says “Pee Spot” right on it.  I guess they won’t get mad.  20160805_082722

The course itself it quite nice. I golf like shit but that’s to be expected when I only get out 1-2 times a year.  The beer is reasonably priced though.


We swung by Desert Hills winery where my parents are members of the wine club.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with anything but grabbed a bottle of one of their reserves with hopes of it being good.  The family that runs this place is awesome.


We checked out Bartier Bros simply for the reason that my friend says it’s her uncle that owns it.  Maybe it was the bias of knowing someone who knows someone but I actually really liked their wines.


We stopped at Silver Sage because my parents are members and had to pick up wine.  I personally find their wines too sweet as they are all fruit wines and their best products are dessert wines.  However, this place is a very cool experience for a tasting, especially if you’re new to it.  The ladies who run it are a blast and you’re guaranteed to have fun even if you don’t like anything.  I would end with this winery though because their wines will destroy your pallet for future wineries.


We were wanting to try one more winery and we decided we’ve never tried this one before.  Are we ever glad we did! The winemakers wife makes artisan breads and they pair them with the wines.  We had the winemaker, Murray, serve us and he was a blast.  Full of character and very funny.  We left here with 3 types of bread, 2 bottles of wine and a caramelized onion and balsamic compote.  This is definitely on our “Must Visit Again” list and really put a great cap on our day.


I snagged a panoramic view from their patio before I left.  This just might be my new favorite place.

Osoyoos is a great little town with big character.  I look forward to coming back next year!



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