CBAC – Dec 1, 2016


Day 1 of my Christmas Calendar countdown and I am stoked to try this Breakfast Stout from Parallel 49.  Parallel 49 is a Vancouver brewery with easy on the pallet craft beer.  Now for the Surprise… I made Kristi a calendar too so you get a double whammy.  Kristi’s day 1 is Chamberton Red 2014.  Chamberton formerly known as Domaine de Chamberton is a local winery in Langley, BC.


First sip and I wish I had this for breakfast instead of coffee.  Kristi said her wine “is not exhilarating but nice.” I absolutely love stouts so this is a great way to start out the Calendar.


Kristi is relaxing and enjoying her wine. Something light and easy for day 1 but I have a few surprises mixed in to hers that she may not like me for.  Gotta keep the readers coming back.

I can’t get enough of this stout.  It says on the bottle that this will put more hair on my chest than any triple espresso.  I can’t wait to show off the hamburger meat with a V Neck in the spring time.  I better not let Kristi have another sip of this.

That’s it for today.  Kristi enjoyed an easy drinking red blend in the cutest little bottle and my chest hair doubled in thickness and grew an extra inch.  Here’s your pug picture.  He has a gambling problem.


See you tomorrow.

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