CBAC – Dec 3, 2016

So it’s currently after 1am and I’m realizing how old I am since all I can think about is sleeping.  I’ve had a busy day.  First I had to do some work on my car.


Obviously I’m not under the car.  But handing my buddy tools in the cold took a lot out of me.

I’ve been home for hours now.  I should have napped.  If you’re wondering why I haven’t drank my beer yet, it’s because I told Kristi I would wait for her to get home to drink with her and she’s working a double.  Unfortunately nobody took a picture of me accepting my ‘Boyfriend of the Year” award.

Today’s beer is Anger Management Angry IPA from Parallel 49.  It has a 60 IBU and it’s suggested it’s best served between 6°C-8°C.


Meanwhile Kristi will be drinking Fresita Natural Origin.  This bottle doesn’t appear to have an actual name but I believe it’s a strawberry sparkling wine.  It says it’s from Chile so it’s probably good.


My first sip is bitter.  I’ve grown to enjoy IPAs since last year but I am not feeling this right now.  Maybe I’m just overtired but it tastes like tree sap and sugar. Kristi is enjoying her drink.  Though the look on her face when she got home, I think she would enjoy any drink at this moment.

I’m at the point where I’m just trying to chug this beer and it is not going down smooth at all. I kind of just want to plastic wrap it, go to sleep and try again for breakfast.  Just kidding. My alcoholism won’t allow that. I’ll finish the beer now. Hopefully tomorrow’s beer is better.

Pug got a new bone.  He’s paraded it around for an hour. Couldn’t get the little a-hole to sit still long enough for a clear photo.  Goodnight.



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