CBAC – Dec 5, 2016

So I started my morning with a call from a collection agency today.  Fun! I had an outstanding parking ticket from a Honda in January 2015… Hang on.  Last I checked I was not the owner of a vehicle at that time because I was in Ho Chi Minh City

So I gave the City of Vancouver a call and the girl tells me there was clearly an error.  The license plate matches one that I had on my very first car. A 1989 Pontiac Sunbird. It broke down and was sold for parts in 2006.  Luckily that was a simple fix and it’s all being taken care of.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited for a beer.  Today’s draw is Beerserker Scandinavian Strong Ale. Coming in at 8.2% this is the beer I wanted last night.


On first sip, it lives up to its name. This craft beer tastes strong.  On my second gulp I actually watch the hair on my knuckles thicken.  I imagine that this is what the berserkers  drank  before a battle to get themselves hyped up.  If you’re not familiar with the berserkers they were crazy viking warriors known for their ferocity on the battle field.  Rumor is that they were fearless and couldn’t feel pain.  There’s arguments as to why they were this way.  Some historians say it was adrenaline, others believe they did drugs.  I imagine they just had a couple of these strong ales.  I kind of feel like fighting someone.

While this is going down, Kristi is hating her calendar at the moment as she has not one, but two pinot grigios to drink.


Funny to think Big House is trying to pass this 250ml Can off as 2 servings of wine.  Even better watching Kristi refuse to drink  more than a sip of each.  Luckily there is no picture of me having my “Boyfriend of the Year” award being taken away.

I’m giving this beer the nod as long as I only have to drink one. Current tally for beers liked vs not

Parallel 49 2-1
Red Racer 1-1

This year for halloween, we made Marvin a unicorn.  He was the saddest pug ever.


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