CBAC – December 4, 2016

Another late one. I’m not getting to my craft beer and it’s almost midnight on the 5th.  I should just drink 2.  I didn’t crack my beer earlier because I was going to wait until both Kristi and I were off work.  I just got home and Kristi is in bed.  When I told her that her drink is Pinot Grigio, she refused to get up.  She is super picky with her whites and I knew she would hate that one.  I just thought it would be fun to blog about her misfortune.

Moving on.  I have a bottle that reads “light beer” on it.  I’m immediately unimpressed. After a slow shift like the one I just had, I would prefer something stronger.  Red Racer Berliner Weiss.  3.5% alcohol content.20161204_2345361

As I approach my first sip, all I’m thinking is “this beer better be delicious if I’m not getting drunk off it” and the verdict is…. interesting.  My pallet is so confused at the moment.  It’s a little bit sour and citrussy and bubbly.  I don’t think this is the right weather for this beer.  My guess is this would be way better if it were summer and I was outside on a patio and put a shot of vodka in it.  It’s currently 0°C and I just spent 10 minutes scraping ice off my car before my 6 minute drive home.

I dunno.  This tastes like a bad beverage choice before bed.  I’ll likely get heartburn and need tums. I’m gonna lay upside down and drink this and hope that gets me drunk.. or at least a sweet head rush.

I realized that we should be keeping track of how many I like vs how many I don’t.

Red Racer 1-1
Parallel 49 1-1

Some mornings, Marvin, stares into the mirror and cries because mirror pug won’t play with him.  Today was one of those mornings.  It probably doesn’t help that I tease him and say things like “is that a puppy? Do you want to play with the puppy?” in an excited tone.



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