CBAC – December 6, 2016

What a night.  A group of friends and I played dodgeball tonight for charity! We raised fund for the Surrey Christmas Bureau who help low income families with children make sure they get some cool gifts.  We estimate that $6000 was raised which is amazing! I am quite proud to be a part of the Surrey Dodgeball League and all the awesome things they do.  So how did we do? It doesn’t matter.  We had fun and raised money for charity.


Now it’s late. Pushing midnight again and I just cracked Red Racer Doppelbock.  8.0% alcohol content with a sexy label.


First sip and there’s a ton of flavors happening.  I’m getting malt and chocolate and coffee.  As I read the side it appears my pallet is genius.  Malt, chocolate and coffee. Also described as “liquid bread”.  This is a heavy duty German lager.

Meanwhile, Kristi just cracked open a Big House Zinfandel.  She had thrown it in the fridge this morning and I pulled it out assuming it’s a zin and not a white zin.  her first comment was “this should be chilled.” Followed by, “I’m not sure I can drink this right now.”  She is getting crushed by this calendar.

On my sip… it’s not horrible but it’s super awkward drinking red wine out of a can. It’s a pretty weak zinfandel.


I am pretty sure I need to finish this blog before I finish my beer as I’m pretty sure it will put me on my ass. The term “strong beer” seems like a understatement the more I drink this.

Current Liked beers vs disliked beers tally
Red Racer 2-1
Parallel 49 2-1

Kristi’s tally

Let’s do a huge throwback to last week when I wanted to sleep but Kristi and Marvin wanted to joke around.  Check those vicious pug teeth


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