CBAC – December 7, 2016

It is currently -5°C outside and I nearly froze to death walking Marvin around the block.  For other Canadians, they’re probably laughing at me complaining about the cold.  I need to go somewhere warm with palm trees and drinks with umbrellas in them.

For now I’ll settle for an electric blanket and today’s craft beer which is…. *insert drum roll*… Parallel 49 “Lil Red” Sour Cherry Berliner Weiss.  Say that 5 times fast.  It’s 4.0% alcohol content with a 5 IBU.  It says it’s best served between 4°C-8°C so I won’t be drinking this outside.


On first sip it delivers on the sour front.  Not too sour though.  I have recently started enjoying some sour beers and this is definitely something I can drink.

Meanwhile on the other side of the couch, Kristi is enjoying a Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile.  She smiled and said she likes this one! Not much to say other than it’s a smooth drinking cab sauv.


With snow in the forecast for tomorrow and I have the day off, you can expect a blog a bit earlier for a change.

Current Drink tally
Parallel 49 3-1
Red Racer 2-1

Kristi’s Drink Tally

Today’s pug picture came when I was trying to fold up my clean laundry and Marvin felt my fresh out of the dryer clothes didn’t have enough pug hairs on them



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