CBAC – December 9, 2016

Well this looks all too familiar.  I recall this beer being a part of last year’s craft beer advent calendar.  Oh look! Here’s my pic from last year.


And you can read my blog on it last year here.

Annnnd it still tastes like a Christmas tree. This Parallel 49 Fir pale Ale is actually hard to put in my mouth.  The IBU is only 38 and it’s 5% and it’s absolutely horrible.  They didn’t even spruce up the logo… get it? Spruce? Pun intended!


I’m not sure why I’m continuing to finish this.  Wait yes I do.  Because the 24 case cost me $75.  I burped and it tasted like tree sap.

Kristi has it way better today.  She scored Phillips Strawberry Wheat in a bomber size bottle.  She looks rather smug on the other side of the couch enjoying her beer as she laughs at my face every time I take a sip.  20161209_1420401

Enjoy your 650ml of delicious fruity deliciousness.  I’ll be over here crying.

Current Tally:

For those of you who don’t care about my beer woes and how hard my life is, here’s a picture of Marvin who is unimpressed with me putting a camera in his pug face.


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