CBAC – Dec 10, 2016

Okay so I’m running a day late on this one here.  We were planning on stopping by a friend’s Christmas party for a quick drink and to head home.  Well Kristi ended up in the finals for the Shuffleboard tournament at 1am and by the time we got home it was super late.  She lost, btw.  Not bad for a first timer though.

Yesterday’s beer is a Red Racer “Oldschool” lager.  Boring.  Typically a lager is a lager is a lager even when it’s a craft lager.  Lager is always a go to if you’re planning on drinking a bunch of beers in one sitting, but I’m not sure how much I’ll enjoy drinking just 1.  20161211_1251371

As expected. Light body. Easy on the pallet. Smooth.  This is something you can just hang out and drink all day but there is nothing complex or exciting about it.  Unfortunately with work looming a few hours from now, daytime binge drinking isn’t on my menu but this beer would be great for that. Today’s beer gets a thumbs up.

Kristi’s beer is still in the fridge and I’m gonna force her to drink both of her drinks late tonight when I get off work so I can write about my 2nd beer.

Current tally

You can expect my next blog between 12-1am

Today’s pic of Marvin his him on his way up the bed to say “good morning” I assume his covered my face with pug kisses within seconds of me taking this photo20161002_2340391

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