CBAC – December 11, 2016

We are falling way behind.  Kristi wanted to sleep last night and refused to let me drink my beer when I got home because she really wanted to try it too.  I will be playing catch up tonight though I will do separate blogs.  One now.  One when I get home from Kristi’s parents.

I have just opened up a “Curiosity” Dessert Stout from Parallel 49.  I hope it doesn’t spoil my dinner.  I can’t get enough stouts.  The only thing better is a stout is a stout on nitro.  I’m not sure why but I chose to smell this stout before I took a sip and it smells like a butthole.


First sip is amazing.  Described as a “rich tiramisu dessert stout” this beer is delicious.  Kristi took a sip, looked at me and ran down the hall with the beer.  When I got it back, almost half the bottle was gone.

Now I’m making Kristi drink her own beer.  She’s 3 days behind and drinking “Weeping Reaper” blood orange helles bock from Dead Frog.  Typically we haven’t liked much from Dead Frog but this sounds interesting.


She took one sip and made a face like she hates me.  She said all she tastes is hops.  As I scan the bottle I remember why I bought this for her.  IBU 26.  7.0% alcohol content.  “A crisp golden lager with a splash of citrus”. I taste it and am not getting any hoppy flavors.  She says she can’t drink it.  I’m not trading her. Maybe she’s using the wrong glass since the bottle suggests she drink out of a hollowed out skull of an enemy.

Kristi is moving on to her next beer.  Thirsty Beaver medium bodied amber ale from Tree Brewing Co.


She doesn’t care for it but is going to continue drinking it because it’s “drinkable”.  Kristi is hard to please.  This craft beer thing is difficult.

Best pace ourselves. We have a long night of drinking ahead of us.

Current Tally


Here’s a picture of Marvin being sad because mirror pug won’t play with him.





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