CBAC – December 14, 2016

Hanging out on the couch tonight trying to figure out a flight to Mexico.  Life is tough.  Okay so maybe life isn’t tough but this beer might be.  This “Three Peaks” Belgian Tripel from Red Racer is 9.0% and at a close glance, full of chunky sediment.


This stuff is violent.  I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s almost as if they took craft beer and just added homemade bathtub alcohol.  Luckily I don’t taste any of the lumpy sediment that I saw.  They weren’t joking when it says “extra strong beer” on the label.

Kristi was pleased to pull out a Red Racer craft beer that we’ve enjoyed in the past.  “Gingerhead” gingerbread stout.


This beer is smooth and delicious and I like it when it’s in my mouth.  It has the characteristics of a stout with a subtle gingerbread sweetness.

I’m gonna give my beer a thumbs down. I don’t hate it but it’s just way too much for me.

Current Tallies
Miles 8-6
Kristi 6-8

The gap is closing.

Today is a lesson in how to get Marvin to behave.  Simply turn on the heated blanket.  Pugs love heated blankets.


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