CBAC – December 15, 2016

Christmas is 10 days away and I haven’t done any shopping at all.  I’m still not going to do anything about that today, I’m just stating a fact.

Instead of shopping, I’m going to crack open this Parallel 49 Salty Scot sea salted scotch ale that’s 7.5% and delicious.


I’ve had this beer before and I’ve always enjoyed it.  I don’t remember it being so boozy though.  This may be an adjusted version of their normal Salty Scot but it’s still good.  The side of the bottle suggests it goes well with bacon and pancakes and now I’m regretting not drinking it for breakfast.

Kristi’s beverage today is Masi Campofiorin rosso verona.  20161215_1619051

Nothing like a good old world red wine.  She has to drive down to the US tonight so she’s not having it right now. I’m going to assume that it’s smooth, full bodied with a dry finish and she’s going to love it.  Lets chalk this one up in the win column for Miles.

Current Tallies
Miles 9-6
Kristi 7-8

Here’s Marvin thinking that he’s not a pub but a parrot.  Not sure why he likes to chill on our shoulders like this.


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