CBAC – December 17, 2016

Oh lazy Saturdays, how I love you.  Went out for brunch, watched a couple episodes of “the Grand Tour” and walked the dog in the snow. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Now lets enjoy this Bodhisattva dry hopped sour from Parallel 49.  At 7%, it’s probably good that I’ve eaten a bunch of pizza before opening this.  Did I mention I had pizza for dinner? I love pizza.  If I didn’t eat so much pizza, I could probably be in decent physical condition.  Turns out I drank this beer last year but they’ve changed it up a bit


My friend who has the same calendar looked at me at brunch today and said “We have another F&%$ing sour again.” I don’t mind sour beers.  This one is neither good nor bad.  It almost tastes like it should be a mixer for harder alcohol. It’s very smooth and easy to drink though.  I expected more bite but this is just easy.  Don’t let the words “dry hopped” fool you. There’s no hoppy bitterness to this beer and it has a very low IBU 8.

Kristi opened up a bomber bottle of Sasquatch Stout from Old Yale Brewing.  This beer won the Canadian Craft Beer of the Year award in 2015.  It’s good.  A smoky stout flavor with a hit of chocolate.  She’s not wanting to share.


Kristi claims to taste more mystery than coffee or chocolate

Current tallies
Miles 9-7
Kristi 8-8

As I said earlier, I took Marvin out in the snow for a walk today.  Little did I know, where we were going, there was way more snow than I thought.  The pug was also fascinated by the frozen pond people were playing hockey on.



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