CBAC – December 18, 2016

Not sure how I lost track of days but I almost opened up tomorrow’s beer by accident.  Then I opened up the correct beer and realized I’m getting drunk today and it’s not up to me.  A Red Racer flagship beer: Thor’s Hammer barley wine.  I recall first trying this last year


This guy is still 11.5% and it is hard to drink at noon. Bourbon barrel aged and matured for 1 year this is what I imagine Thor’s Hammer feels like when it hits you right in the taste buds. Just like last year’s review, it’s smooth and sweet and very boozy tasting.  Normally i don’t mind the 4oz sample size at the brewery but a full bottle of this is a lot to take in.  Still thumbs up as it completes what I want it to do.

My current tally is 11-7

Kristi is at work today so you’re just going to have to wait to hear about her drink.

Here’s a picture of Marvin the pug looking concerned for you.


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