CBAC – December 19, 2016

So I’ve fallen a day behind but I have a plan to catch back up.  I’m going to drink the 19th now. Tomorrow morning I will drink the 20th and In the evening I will drink the 21st and voila.  Brilliant.  This way I get to enjoy a craft beer for breakfast tomorrow.

Today’s beer is the Filthy Dirty IPA from Parallel 49.  Only this one isn’t their normal India Pale Ale but a Grapefruit IPA. The IBU is still 76 though, same as their normal IPA.


First sip and it’s grapefruit followed by hops.  Not real grapefruit though. It tastes like artificial grapefruit.  It’s quite acidic and citrussy.  The more I drink it, the less I like it which sucks because I was actually looking forward to this one.

I thought I was falling behind… Kristi is way behind.  She has to work again tomorrow. I plan to make her do all of her catching up on Thursday when we both have the day off.  I look forward to getting her white girl wasted.

My Current tally 11-8

I may not love this beer but I love this pug face.


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