CBAC – December 20, 2016

Well here I am.  I just rolled out of bed and brushed my teeth. No breakfast, no coffee, just straight to my beer.  Ironically enough it’s Jitter Buzz Imperial Coffee Stout from Red Racer.  Now if I’ve learned anything about the word “imperial” on a beer it means strong.  Annnd it’s 9%


My first sip tastes like toothpaste.  And this, kids, is why you should never brush your teeth. I decide to back up and look up this beer from last year’s craft beer advent calendar.

Now that my pallet has balanced out a bit, this beer is good.  It’s bitter and thick and everything you want in a stout. Despite being 9% the beer itself doesn’t have a boozy taste at all.  This could be dangerous.  Something this smooth can land you in a lot of trouble after 2 or 3.  Luckily I only have one.

Kristi is back off to work right now.  Busy time of year. As I said in my last blog, I will make her drink all of her drinks on her day off.

My current tally is 12-8

Today’s pug picture is a throwback to the summer after we hiked the Diez Vistas.  Complete the hike, you get a beer. Marvin was thrilled!


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